[W7/W10] Windows 7/10 の共有設定を有効にする手順

[W7/W10] Windows 7/10 の共有設定を有効にする手順

検証: Windows 7 pro 64bit, Windows 10 pro 64bit,


自宅ネットワーク(Wi-Fi、有線LAN)配下の Windows 7 と Windows 10 で Windows のホームグループをセットアップしたので手順をメモします。


Windows 7 または Windows 10 のどちらかでホームグループをセットアップします。以下の手順は Windows 7 にホームグループをセットアップする手順です。

1. ホームグループ画面

  • コントロール パネル - すべてのコントロール パネル項目 - ホームグループ
ホームグループ画面の "ネットワークの場所の詳細" をクリックする。

2. ネットワークの場所の設定

ネットワークの場所の設定画面の "ホームネットワーク" をクリックする。

ネットワーク上のすべてのコンピューターが自宅にあり、全機が認識されている場合、そのネットワークは信頼されているホーム ネットワークです。

3. ホームグループの作成

共有する項目に☑チェックをつけて "次へ" をクリックする。

4. 完了



Windows 7 でセットアップしたホームグループに Windows 10 を参加させる手順です。

1. ホームグループ画面を表示する

  • コントロールパネル - 全てのコントロールパネル項目 - ホームグループ
ホームグループ画面で "今すぐ参加" をクリックする。

2. パスワードを入力する

先にメモしたホームグループパスワードを入力して "次へ" をクリックする。

3. 共有するデバイスやファイルの選択

アクセス許可を与えるライブラリ、フォルダーを選択したら "次へ" をクリックする。

4. 手順おわり


  • 共有したいフォルダーで右クリック - 共有

エクスプローラーの左ペインに "ホームグループ" セクションが表示され、ホームグループに参加しているパソコン名と共有設定しているフォルダが表示されたら成功です。



[W10] レジストリを操作して通知領域の時計に秒を表示させる方法

[W10] レジストリを操作して通知領域の時計に秒を表示させる方法

検証: Windows 10 Pro 64bit


ツールを使用せずに Windows 10 の通知領域の時計に秒を表示させる方法を見つけたのでメモします。



通知領域の時刻の書式は "時刻(短い形式)" が使われます。"日付、時刻、地域の追加設定" で書式を H:mm:ss に変更しても反映されません。



1. レジストリエディタを起動する

  1. ファイル名を指定して実行 (Win+R)
  2. 名前に regedit と入力
  3. OK をクリックする
  4. ユーザー アカウント制御画面で はい を選択する


2. Advanced キーを探す


3. ShowSecondsInSystemClock を作成する

Advanced キー配下に 新規 DWORD値 ShowSecondsInSystemClock を作成し、値のデータを "1" に変更します。

編集 - 新規 - DWORD (32ビット) 値

名前: ShowSecondsInSystemClock

値のデータ: 1

4. エクスプローラーを再起動する


タスクマネージャー - エクスプローラー - 再起動

5. 手順おわり



1. 設定 - 時刻と言語

2. 日付と時刻 - 関連設定 - 日付、時刻、地域の追加設定


3. 日付、時刻、または数値の形式変更

4. 追加の設定




TClock Light Installation Notes

TClock Light Installation Notes
japanese-language version

Verification: TClock Light kt 160911, Windows 7 32 bit / 64 bit,

TClock series

The TClock series which can remodel the clock of the Windows task tray (notification area) is the starting point that Mr. kazubon released as a GNU GPL license. The initial operating environment is as follows. The Light version is a lightweight version of TClock.

Operating environment of TClock
TClockWindows 95
TClock LightWindows XP

Mr. kazubon's official website seems to be closed because it is 404 Not Found. The link of the Internet archive is as follows.

Derived version

Since kazubon version does not operate on OS after Windows Vista or becomes unstable, derived version modified by volunteers is circulating. Typical examples of derived versions are as follows.

TClock derivative version
TClock seriesTClock 2chtclock-101021-analog
TClock Light seriesk-takata versionTClock Light kt 160911

It seems that tclock-101021-analog seems to stop working on a PC that applied Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so the relevant user seems to need to switch to TClock Light kt 160911.

Since I am a Windows 7 user, I do not care about Anniversary Update problem, but since I was interested in TClock Light kt 160911 I installed it.

Before remodeling the task tray, after remodeling

To make the day of the week written in English, set the region to "English" by format setting.
In tclock - 101021 - analog, the "desktop display button" at the right end of the task bar becomes flat, but TClock Light kt 160911 is displayed as usual.

Upper row: date, day of the week / lower row: time, memory remaining amount
Windows 7 standard
TClock Light kt 160911

TClock Light kt 160911 Installation Procedure

Install customized version to enable extended format "MM (available physical memory)".
A 32-bit version (x86 folder) and a 64-bit version (x64 folder) are included in the archive of TClock Light. This procedure is a 32-bit version installation memo.

1. Download

We will download both the regular version and the customized version.
normal versiontclocklight-kt160911.zip
Customized versiontclocklight-kt160911-custom.7z

2. Unzip the regular version tclocklight-kt160911.zip

* When decompressing to the Program Files folder, reading and writing of tclock.ini will be hindered, so it will not work properly.

Folder configuration of tclocklight-kt160911.zip

3. Copy or move all the files under the x86 folder so that they are in parallel with the lang folder one level higher

File to be copied
  • tclock.exe, tcplayer.exe, tcprop.exe, tcsntp.exe, tctimer.exe

State after copying
※ tclock.ini does not exist in the initial state

4. Extract the customized version tclocklight-kt160911-custom.7z

Folder description
allAll extended formats are validconfig.h-all
customSome extended formats are validconfig.h-custom

Extended format that is enabled in custom
  • #define TC_ENABLE_HDD
  • #define TC_ENABLE_MEMORY

Folder configuration of tclocklight-kt160911-custom.7z

5. Replace the customized version of the file with the regular version

File to replace
  • tcdll.tclock, tclock.exe, tcprop.exe

6. Start up the replaced tclock.exe

7. Customize watch

Customization example
(Upper row: date, day of the week / lower row: time, memory remaining amount)
Format = "mm / dd ddd \ nhh: nn: ss MM"

8. Time adjustment

When TClock Light is normally started, even if you are logged in with an account with administrator privileges, time adjustment error occurs because UAC installed on Windows Vista and later functions. By clicking "Sync Now" you can set the time on the spot. (UAC; User Account Control)
Error message:
administrator privilege required
TClock Light Time setting setting

How to periodically adjust the time

1. Run tclock.exe as an administrator
2. Add an alarm
TClock Properties - Alarm
· Name: SNTP
· Enable checking
· Time: * / 2 (check every 2 hours)
Minute: 0
· File: sntp

If you run tclock.exe as "administrator" and set an alarm, you can set the time on a regular basis, but be aware that all programs started from TClock Light will operate in the administrator mode.



Proxomitron - Ad cut with local proxy

Proxomitron - Ad cut with local proxy
japanese-language version

Verification: Proxomitron Version: Naoko 4.5 (2003-6-1) +8, Windows 7 32bit / 64bit,


Proxomitron operates as an HTTP (HTTPS) local proxy, and it can rewrite header information and HTML. This makes it possible to delete advertisements, cookie operations, impersonate browsers and client information, refuse redirects, hide inline frames, etc.

Because we replace HTML / header data with dedicated matching command and matching rule, it will be trial and error until we can master them. Although it has a slightly high threshold to introduce it, if you can be satisfied with the standard equipment filter, you can easily introduce it if you have proxy knowledge.

Proxomitron's future

Proxomitron has never released a new version as Scott R. Lemmon of the author passed away on May 1, 2004. The final version is Proxomitron Ver.Naoko 4.5 June.

Scott Mr. Scott uses version: Naoko 4.5 (2003 - 6 - 1) +8 in circulation of multiple versions modified by volunteers. Currently, it is getting hard to obtain with summary site's broken links.
Proxomitron Version: Naoko 4.5 (2003-6-1) +8

Proxomitron and Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is recommended if advertisement cutting is aimed.

Proxomitron does not detect Anti-Adblock because the received HTML rewrites its contents with a matching command before it passes to the browser. In that sense it is more competent than Adblock Plus.

Also, in environments where multiple browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera are used separately, Proxomitron will be an option as there is no need to install ad blockers such as Adblock Plus for each.

How to obtain Proxomitron

1. Ver.Naoko 4.5 "June" ( Proxomitron-J )

Last version of Scott R. Lemmon

2. Version: Naoko 4.5 (2003-6-1) + 8 ( Link )

RWIN 65536 countermeasure version. Because it contains only Proxomitron.exe, replace Proxomitron.exe of Ver.Naoko 4.5 "June".

How to install Proxomitron

Because Proxomitron acts as a local proxy server, Proxomitron will work if you specify a loopback address in the browser's proxy settings. To enable filtering with https (SSL), you need four files: SSLeay32.dll, libeay32.dll, certs.pem, proxcert.pem.
How to get here
FAQ - Wiki on Proxomitron etc.
Proxy port number for Proxomitron is 8080 as default value.
It can be changed to an arbitrary value.
Setting preferences

SSL filters carefully

It is not recommended to filter on SSL. Important communications such as online banking may be overwritten by the filter of Proxomitron and unexpected situations such as rewriting of remittance amount may occur.

Browser proxy settings

If your browser is Chrome, you can set it with the internet option of Internet Explorer, or install a proxy extension such as Proxy SwitchyOmega.

Internet Explorer setting example
  • Internet Properties - Connection - LAN Settings

addresslocalhost (
Internet Explorer LAN settings

About localhost

In order for the browser to communicate via the Internet via Proxomitron, you have to specify the loopback address (localhost) so let's remember localhost as a fixed matter. The effect is the same as




How to delete the applied Windows Update file

How to delete the applied Windows Update file
japanese-language version

Validation: windows 7 32bit / 64bit,

Windows Update

Since Windows Update is designed to keep the applied update on the hard disk of the computer, as the number of Windows Update execution times increases, the applied update program will put pressure on the hard disk of the computer.

Since Windows Update determines the update program to be downloaded by comparing the applied update with the file of the Microsoft cloud server, as the number of update programs saved on the PC increases, it takes longer for the collation to occur, so the execution time of Windows Update becomes longer I will.

Organizing updates that are no longer needed will speed up Windows Update.

Disk cleanup tool

The disk cleanup tool included with Windows can delete the applied Windows Update file. The following effects can be expected when executed.
  • Recovery of hard disk capacity
  • Speed ​​up Windows Update

※ Quoted explanation of Disk Cleanup Tool
On Windows, even after installing a new version of the update, it keeps a copy of all the updates you installed from Windows Update. When you perform a Windows Update cleanup, the older version of the patch that is occupied by the old version will be deleted (you may need to restart the computer).

Timing of execution

Since Windows Update sometimes distributes incomplete files, monitor PC operation for a while after applying Windows Update and gather information on defects reported on the net etc etc. And if you can judge that there is no problem, the disc cleanup tool comes in.


After running Disk Cleanup, old updates are deleted, so you can not roll back.

How to use

1. Start the Disk Cleanup Tool

  • Start Menu - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup
  • Specify the file name and enter cleanmgr from the execution (win + R) OK
Scan (free space calculation process) starts when you start, wait until it ends.
Immediately after disk cleanup startup

2. System file cleanup

When scanning is completed, click "Clean up system file (S)".
System file cleanup

3. Select a file to delete (check it)

This time, the following files were deleted.
We were able to secure 3.0 GB of free space.
☑ System error memory dump file
☑ Clean up Windows Update
File to delete


Google Chrome アップデートで繰り返し再起動を要求される時の対策

Google Chrome アップデートで繰り返し再起動を要求される時の対策

検証: Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94, Windows 7 32bit,


Google Chrome のアップデートを完了させるには再起動が必要ですが、私の環境では再起動を促すメッセージがループする現象が時々現れます。

今回は、Chrome を完全に終了させてから再起動することで、ループから脱出することができましたが、それでも脱出できない時は以下の方法が有効です。


Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94 を 63.0.3239.84 にアップデートする時に再起動ループが発生しました。

Chrome を再起動するまでは chrome.exe は 62.0.3202.94 フォルダを参照しています。そして、new_chrome.exe は再起動の際に chrome.exe にリネームされ 63.0.3239.84 フォルダを参照します。このリネーム処理がうまくいかない時に再起動ループが発生します。


Chrome 再起動で症状が改善しない時は手動で new_chrome.exe をリネームすれば解決します。リネーム処理は Chrome をシャットダウンしてから行いましょう。

chrome.exechrome.exe_old など



Steps to set FilterProxy on Android

Steps to set FilterProxy on Android
japanese-languages version
Verification: android 7.1.1, FilterProxy 2.4.10,


Application information:
FilterProxy 2.4.10 2015-02-21,  Neutral Tao ,
FilterProxy setting screen

Ad blocker

Many applications that block ads on Android are distributed.
The following applications are what I have used.
· FilterProxy ( Link )
· Adblock Plus for Android Re # 255 ( Link )
Both control the header information with an application that acts as a local proxy server.
Smaho --- [FilterProxy / Adblock Plus] --- Internet

Main functions of FilterProxy

In addition to the ad blocker function, FilterProxy has a redirect function and a header rewrite function. I need some skill to master it.

Since a famous advertisement site is pre-registered in the deny list, most advertisements can be blocked. If you are concerned about an ad that can not be blocked, it will be blocked if you add it to "Filter - Deny List".

Main functions of FilterProxy
BasicState, PORT, icon display, HTTPS log, etc.
filterDeny list / Allow list / Log
redirectMake a specific site redirect to another site
headerRewrite header information such as User-Agent

Android communication means

You can not block ads simply by installing FilterProxy. You need to add a proxy setting for each communication method that you want to go through Filter Proxy.
  • Mobile network (SIM card communication)
  • Wifi

Basic setting of FilterProxy

FilterProxy PORT: 8000 is the default value. This port number affects the mobile network and the Wi - Fi proxy port.

Although it is possible to change the port number to an arbitrary value, I think that it is preferable to set it between 8000 and 9000 in order to avoid the port number for which the purpose is defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) .

A typical proxy port is 8080.

PORT: 8000

    Procedure to let mobile network recognize

    1. Edit the access point (add new)

    • Android - Settings - Wireless & networks - Mobile networks - Access point names - Contract provider names (eg mopera U) - Edit access points (or create new ones)
    We recommend that you add a new access point dedicated to FilterProxy rather than editing an existing access point. If you do, you can switch to carrier connection with one touch, etc., when the network connection becomes impossible due to FilterProxy.

    2. Setting items

    Name, proxy, port setting values ​​are as follows. Because FilterProxy acts as a local proxy, the loopback address "localhost" or "" is the setting value of the proxy.

    Setting example of mopera U
    Setting itemsSetting valueRemarks
    namemopera U 8000Identifiable name such as carrier name + port number
    APNmopera.netContracted carrier network
    port8000Port number of FilterProxy

    Edit Access Point

    Procedure to make Wi-Fi access point recognize

    1. Display the setting screen

    • Android - Settings - Wi - Fi - (0001 docomo)
    If you press and hold an access point to which you want to add proxy settings, for example 0001 docomo, a dialog will be displayed, so tap "Change network".
    Change network

    Then tap ∨ on the right end of "Advanced setting item".
    Detailed setting item

    2. Setting items

    * Example of 0001 docomo
    Setting itemsSetting valueRemarks
    ProxyManualDefault value: none
    Proxy host namelocalhostOr
    Proxy port8000Port number of FilterProxy
    Do not use proxyAnyHost name bypassing FilterProxy
    IP settingDHCPDefault value: DHCP




    Can I delete the MATS folder generated by Microsoft easy fix?

    Can I delete the MATS folder generated by Microsoft easy fix?
    japanese-language version

    Verification: Windows 7 32bit,

    Microsoft easy fix

    Quote: Microsoft
    The former name of "Microsoft easy fix" is "Microsoft Fix it". With the Microsoft easy fix solution, you can diagnose and resolve problems with third-party software that affects Microsoft products and Microsoft products.

    I found a "MATS" folder that occupies 289 MB directly under the c drive of the PC. I deleted it because it seemed okay if I deleted it.

    Make a note of the evidence that resulted in deletion below.
    If you are thinking to delete "MATS" just like me, please do it on your own risk.

    I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

    MATS folder structure

    c: \ MATS

    It is big size of 289 MB.

    Identity of MATS folder

    In the MATS folder, since folders with familiar names such as FileBackup, Windows, system32, WinSxS, etc. existed, they were presumed to be backup folders. I found out that it is a backup folder generated during the process of running Microsoft easy fix (Fix It).

    Before deleting

    There are no problems so far since deleting the MATS folder. However, it is dangerous to delete suddenly, so the following procedure is recommended.
    1. Rename MATS (MATS x etc.)
    2. Watch a problem for a while whether there is a problem with the personal computer
    3. Delete if there is no problem

    Reference material

    Microsoft Community reported that it was OK to delete the MATS folder.

    Source:  Safe to delete MATS folder after running FixIt - Microsoft Community
    From everything I am seeing, it should be fine to delete this folder.
    That 's being said, let's rename it first to see if we get any bad behavior. If not, then we can delete it without any risk of harm.

    Link: Solve program uninstallation failure ,


    Disabling Windows System Evaluation WinSAT.exe

    Disabling Windows System Evaluation WinSAT.exe
    japanese-language version

    Verification: Windows 7 32bit / 64bit,

    Windows Experience Index

    When I turned on the PC, a command prompt appeared, WinSAT.exe first program started running and a system with Windows system evaluation started running.

    As a result, WinSAT.exe was a program that provided a benchmark function called "Windows Experience Index".
    (Control Panel - System and Security - System)

    Windows Experience Index seems to have been useful in certain industries such as secondhand sales, but for me it's only a sudden program that robs CPU power of PC.

    In Windows 8, the Windows experience index function was deleted, but in Windows 10 it seems that it is recovering as a hidden command although it is not scheduled. Minivi )

    When winSAT.exe starts

    Source: Microsoft community
    Regardless of the active power plan, Windows continues to count idle time. After 15 minutes of idle time WinSAT will become active as part of the idle scheduled task. WinSAT will change the effective power plan to High Performance. This is because the display idle time is over 15 minutes. When the High Performance plan is active and the idle time has passed 15 minutes, the display turns off.

    How to suppress the behavior of WinSAT.exe

    If WinSAT.exe is registered in Task Scheduler, the process starts according to schedule. To avoid process startup, you will invalidate the WinSAT entry in Task Scheduler.

    WinSAT disabled screen

    Steps to disable Winsat.exe

    1. Start Task Scheduler

    • Administrative Tools - Task Scheduler

    2. Display WinSAT entry

    • Administrative Tools - Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler Library - Microsoft - Windows - Maintenance - WinSAT

    3. Disable WinSAT

    • Right click on WinSat and select Disable


    Steps to disable Google Update

    Steps to disable Google Update
    japanese-language version

    Verification: Windows 7 32bit / 64bit,

    Google Update

    Google Update is a program to keep Google products up-to-date. As soon as you start up the computer, the service starts and resides as a process, and it runs until shutting down the computer.

    I am disabling Google Update so that Google products are not automatically upgraded as a bug countermeasure. This post posts the procedure.

    However, it is recommended that you regularly maintain the Google Update service as it will update at the time of updating Google Chrome.

    Where is Google Update launched?

    There are four triggers to activate Google Update.
    The task scheduler is a blind spot.
    1. Registry (It can be confirmed by Windows system configuration)
    2. Startup folder (Can be confirmed by Windows system configuration)
    3. Task Scheduler
    4. service
    You can check the registry and Google Update registered in the startup folder on the "Startup" tab of Windows system configuration (msconfig.exe). If you uncheck it, you can suppress automatic startup of Windows Update.
    Windows system configuration

    How to start Windows system configuration

    There are two ways to start "Windows system configuration".
    • Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Management Tools - System Configuration
    • Run with specified filename (Win + R): msconfig
    Execute by specifying file name
    Since msconfig.exe exists in the following path, it is also possible to create a shortcut and start it.
    • C: \ Windows \ System32 \ msconfig.exe

    How to check individually

    1. Registry

    • \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

      2. Startup folder

      • C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup
      • Start Menu - All Programs - Startup

        3. Task Scheduler

        How to start the Task Scheduler
        • Execute with filename (Win + R): taskschd.msc
        • Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Administrative Tools - Task Scheduler

        Disable or delete

        Task Scheduler

        4. Service

        How to activate the service
        • Execute with filename (Win + R): services.msc
        • Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Administration Tools - Services

        After stopping the service, set the startup type to "manual" or "invalid".
        Startup type
        Google Update service (gupdate)Manual
        Google Update service (gupdatem)Manual
        Startup type: Manual


        anti-adblock を無効化する uBlock Protector は Nano Defender として活動を始めた

        anti-adblock を無効化する uBlock Protector は 
        Nano Defender として活動を始めた

        対象: Google Chrome

        An anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker and uBlock Origin

        2017/12/02 の投稿で紹介したばかりの Chrome拡張機能 uBlock Protector は Nano Defender として再出発したようです。ペアとなる広告ブロッカーは uBlock Origin または新規リリースされた Nano Adblocker です。

        BlockAdblock vs anti-adblock killer プロジェクト

        BlockAdblock プロジェクトは Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, Avira Browser Safety などの広告ブロッカーを無効化するスクリプトを配布して、アフィリエイターなどが広告収益を確保できるようにするプロジェクトです。anti-adblock killer プロジェクトはそのスクリプトを無効化する機能を提供するプロジェクトです。

        anti-adblock 無効化プロジェクトが支援する広告ブロッカーは以下の通りです。

        anti-adblock killerpair adblockstatus
        Nano DefenderNano Adblocker
        uBlock Origin
        AdBlock Protector 2uBlock Origin開発中
        Anti-Adblock KillerAdblock Plus停止:2016/11/17
        Anti-Adblock Killer ContinuedAdblock Plus停止:2017/09

        広告ブロッカーとして最も有名な Adblock Plus を支援する Anti-Adblock killer プロジェクトはメンバーの方向性の相違により分裂したのでスクリプトの更新は停止しています。

        Anti-Adblock killer の代わりに AdBlock Protector 2 プロジェクトが進行中ですが、いまのところ使用可能な成果物は発表されていません。

        今後は Anti-Adblock killer から分裂した Nano Defender (uBlock Protector から改名) + Nano Adblocker / uBlock Origin が主流になると思われます。

        Nano Adblocker

        Nano Defender のためにリリースされた広告ブロッカーが Nano Adblocker です。

        私は Nano Defender + uBlock Origin の組み合わせで利用しています。Nano Defender が Nano Adblocker しかサポートしなくなった時はインストールしようと思います。



        [Robin] Procedure for downgrading from Android 7.0 to 6.0.1

        [Robin] Procedure for downgrading from Android 7.0 to 6.0.1
        japanese-language version

        Verification: Nextbit Robin, 00WW_1_450: 1450.zip

        Robin has no future

        Nextbit was acquired by Razer, so Robin's support was until February 2018. When updating according to the message displayed in the notification of the Robin terminal, the Android version will be as follows. (As of 2017-05-26)
        • Android Version: 7.0
        • Android Security Patch Level: January 2017
        • Build number: Robin_Nougat_88

        After updating Robin to Android 7.0, it seems that it seems to be caught while playing music, it seems to be interrupted and played back, or after inserting an earphone for a while it caused noise to occur, so we downgraded to version 6.0.1 that was stable So I will write down the procedure.

        Factory Image

        Since Nextbit does not prohibit the introduction / routing of custom ROMs, terminal security is effective even if you install custom ROM on Robin. In addition, we provide a factory image (Factory Image) and a flash procedure so that we can return to factory default from custom ROM.

        To burn Factory Image to Robin's ROM (flash) you have to unlock the boot loader, but it is only written as YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED (you can leave the boot loader) There is no provision of a method.

        How to flash back to the stock Nextbit OS - Nextbit Help

        These images will help you get your Robin back to its original, out-of- the-box state. What you will need to do is "flash" these images through your computer.

        This link contains the files necessary to get your Robin back to the following:
        • Android Version: 7.0
        • Android Security Patch Level: January 2017
        • Build number: Robin_Nougat_88

        How to downgrade Nextbit Robin

        ※  factory image of Android Nougat 7.1.1 is recommended because it is stable

        Overall flow

        1. Unlock the boot loader (bootloader)
        2. Obtain Factory Image of version 6.0.1
        3. Transfer Factory Image to Robin

        1. Unlock bootloader

        When unlocking bootloader, Robin's data will be initialized, so back up as necessary.

        Computer environment setting

        Install the following driver software so that you can operate Robin booted in fastboot mode from a PC connected via USB. (Minimal set:  ADB Installer v 1.4.3 )
        • ADB driver
        • fastboot driver
        • USB driver

        Robin's environment settings

        For developers option open "Settings" and tap "Terminal information" 7 times to show up.
        • Developer options: ON
        • OEM lock release: ON
        • USB debugging: ON

        Unlock bootloader

        1. Connect Robin and PC with USB cable
        2. Start Command Prompt
        3. Enter fastboot -i 0x2c3f oem unlock and return
        4. Done
        fastboot -i 0x2c3f oem unlock

        If the fastboot command is not recognized

        If the fastboot command is not recognized, open the folder with fastboot.exe and choose "Open command window here" from the context menu displayed by "Shift + right click".

        In the environment where ADB Installer v1.4.3 is installed, fastboot.exe is in the following location.
        • C: \ Program Files \ Minimal ADB and Fastboot

        2. Download Factory Image

        Robin Factory Images and USB Driver | Razer Insider | Forum
        • Android Version: Marshmallow 6.0.1
        • Android Security Patch Level: September 1, 2016
        • Build number: 00WW_1_450

        3. Burn the Factory Image to the ROM

        How to flash back to the stock Nextbit OS - Nextbit Help

        for Windows

        1. Plug your Robin into your PC
        2. Boot your Robin into Fastboot mode (Power + Volume Down)
        3. Unzip the file that you downloaded
        4. Open a command window in the N 88 folder (with the folder open, press Shift + Right click)
        5. Type flash-all.bat and press Enter
        6. Your phone will flash all the necessary files and reboot
        for Mac
        1. Plug your Robin into your Mac
        2. Boot your Robin into Fastboot mode (Power + Volume Down)
        3. Unzip the file that you downloaded
        4. Open Terminal and navigate into the directory containing image files
        5. Type ./flash-all.sh and press Return
        6. Your phone will flash all the necessary files and reboot