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How to prevent Blogger from counting your browsing history

Addendum: 2018-07-15

Verification: Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 / 64bit

I am making a note of how to prevent my access from being counted in statistical information when displaying content posted on Blogger.

Blogger feature [Do not track my view of this blog]

Blogger> Statistics> Overview> Manage tracking of your own page view
☑ Do not track your own view of this blog

Blogger statistical information function,

[Do not track my view of this blog]

Even if you put a check on, I think that my page views will be reflected in the statistics information in most environments.

Why is it reflected in statistical information?

Blogger judges where viewers are browsing from, and automatically redirects to the domain of the viewer's country in accordance with the judgment and displays the contents.

Taking my site as an example,

When you access,

https: //kzstock.blogspot. jp / xxx

Since the domain targeted by Blogger's statistics information function is .com,
Content displayed on kzstock.blogspot.jp is not excluded from statistical information aggregation target.

Countermeasure: Add _ns = 2 to cookie of blogspot.jp

I used the extension EditThisCookie to edit Google Chrome cookies.

The procedure is as follows.

EditThis cookie is a Chrome extension that allows you to edit and back up cookies. ※ Link is attached at the end of the sentence


If you set the expiration date of the cookie to the previous date, the cookie will not be invalidated when the browser is shut down, so Blogger's setting [Do not track my view of this blog] will be effective the next time you log in.
  • Display your website
  • Right click and select [EditThisCookie]
  • Click "+" to display the edit screen
  • Add "_ns" to the name
  • Add "2" to the value
  • Change the year of expiration date to "2020" if necessary 
expiration date2020 ※ Optional

Screen set with _ns = 2

Additional notes: 2018/07/15
As Blogger changed the specification to transfer to country domain, it changed to specification to transfer all domains to COM domain (.com), so you do not need to execute the procedure of this posting.
Blogger: It was spec that it was not transferred to the country domain: Scrap 2nd.
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