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[Event ID 1000] Application Error Error: msvcrt.dll (explorer.exe) | System Repair Tools SFC and DISM

Verification: Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update, v1709

This post is about Event Viewer Message, Event ID 1000.

As a result of the investigation, I found that it was an error that was recorded when I clicked on the "Programs and Features" pinned to the Windows 10 Start Menu tile.

As I went deeper, I found that event ID 1000 was an error caused by QTTabBar.

Since I was able to fix the error, I will write down the details of the investigation and how to fix it.

It also describes how to use the system repair tools SFC and DISM that are included with Windows 10.

QTTabBar is software that adds a tab function like Chrome to Windows Explorer.

At the same time, there are functions such as obtaining the full path of folders and files, and previewing the contents of the file when the mouse cursor is over the media file.

Event viewer message

The messages recorded in the event log are as follows.

Event viewer information
messageFailed application name: explorer.exe, version: 10.0.16299.192, time stamp: 0x494a4408
Failed module name: msvcrt.dll, version: 7.0.16299.125, time stamp: 0x20688290
Exception code: 0xc00000fd
Failure offset: 0x0000000000054cf3
Process ID where the failure occurred: 0xf8c
Start time of the application where the failure occurs: 0x01d3b50c2e35b619
Failed application path: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Failed module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\msvcrt.dll
Report ID: 5772f724-b376-461d-8e9f-c76f82cb79e4
Complete name of the failing package:
Application ID associated with the failing package: 
Log nameApplication
SourceApplication Error
Event ID1000
userN / A
Op codeNone

Caused by QTTabBar's exclusion list

I investigated when the event error was recorded, and when I clicked on the "Programs and Features" pinned to the Windows 10 Start Menu tile, an event ID 1000, msvcrt.dll error was recorded.

W10: Tile screen

I was able to identify the cause of the error

This error was caused by registering "Programs and Features" in QTTabBar's exclusion list.

Event ID 1000 is no longer recorded when "Programs and Features" registered in the exclusion list are excluded from QTTabBar.

Name of the failing application: explorer.exe, so you should first suspect QTTabBar. ('ω')

General repair method of start menu

I made a note of the usage as I ran the Emergency Repair command that came with Windows before QTTabBar turned out to be the cause of the error.

The following tools were used.

  • SFC: System File Checker
  • DISM: Deployment Image Servicing and Management

SFC and DISM are command-line tools that come with Windows that are said to be effective when running on Windows.

The usage image of SFC is as follows.

For more information on SFC / DISM, please refer to related articles.

In addition, I tried to re-install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1.

1. Execution of SFC

SFC runs in Windows PowerShell started in administrator mode.

& gt; _
Administrator: Windows PowerShell-□ × 
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
PS C:\>sfc /scannow

System scan is starting. This will take some time.
The system scan verification phase is beginning.
Verification 100% is complete.
Windows Resource Protection did not detect integrity violations.

2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1

I tried to reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 from "Enable or Disable Windows Features", but the latest version appeared to be installed and the installation was interrupted.

"Enable or Disable Windows Features" launches the program and features and selects from the menu in the left pane.

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features

Enable or disable Windows features
This computer already has the .NET Framework 4.7.1 or later installed.

Microsoft .NET Framework

File NameNDP 471-KB4033342-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe
Date Published10/13/2017


Until I realized that QTTabBar was the cause of the error, I tried running SFC or DISM or trying to reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1.

SFC and DISM are genuine Microsoft tools that check the integrity of Windows system files stored in C:\Windows\System32 etc. and replace them with correct files if there is a problem.

If you experience problems with Windows after applying a feature update released twice a year, running SFC and DISM together may solve the problem.

For related information on SFC and DISM, please refer to related articles.

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