2019-06-13T06:10:25Z kzstock [Event ID 3095] NETLOGON error: WORKGROUP network
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[Event ID 3095] NETLOGON error: WORKGROUP network

2: 2019-06-13
Verification: Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update, v1709

This post is about Event Viewer Message, Event ID 3095.

As a result of investigation, it turned out that it is an error that is recorded on a PC not participating in Windows domain network.

Since I was able to repair, I will write down the details of the survey results and the repair method.

Event viewer message
messageThis computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not a member of a domain. You do not need to run the Netlogon service in this configuration.
Log namesystem
Event ID3095
userN / A

Repair procedure

The repair procedure is as follows.

SCM is called "Windows Service".

SCM: Service Control Manager | Windows Service

  1. Launch SCM
  2. View Netlogon Service Properties
  3. Stop the Netlogon service
  4. Change the startup type to Manual
  5. Procedure end

Service Name: Netlogon

Cause recorded in event viewer

Event ID 3095 is recorded when the Netlogon service is running on a PC in an environment where the Windows network type is "Workgroup".
This is not really an error. Because this computer is configured as a member of a workgroup rather than a member of the domain, there is no need to run the NETLOGON service. The Netlogon service does not have to be run in this configuration.

Therefore, you can solve the problem by going to Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services / NETLOGON and changing it from automatic to manual and then stopping.


Windows operating systems not participating in domain controllers such as Windows Active Directory can stop the Netlogon service.

You can check if you are in a domain or workgroup in the system properties.

System Properties> Computer Name> Workgroup: xxx

Workgroup: When displayed as xxx, you have not joined the domain controller.

Reprint the text described in Netlogon.

Manage a secure channel between this computer and a domain controller to authenticate users and services.

If this service is stopped, computers may not be able to authenticate users and services, and domain controllers can not register DNS records.

If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on this service will not start.

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