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LosslessCut 1.10.0 release information and installation method

Since LosslessCut Version 1.10.0 with the function to trim or cut the video and audio files without deterioration was released, I will keep the software information in the memo.

LosslessCut is not compatible with Japanese, but its screen composition is simple, so it can be operated intuitively.

Software information

:Date confirmed
Functional overviewA simple cross-platform tool for lossless trimming / cutting of video and audio files. It is suitable for roughly processing large-capacity video files acquired from video cameras, GoPro, unmanned aerial cameras and so on. You can quickly extract quality parts from the video and discard GB data without compromising quality. It is very fast as it does not decode / encode anything. This application uses ffmpeg (included).
Release date2018/02/18
downloadReleases · mifi / lossless-cut · GitHub
file nameLosslessCut-win32-x64.zip (85.2MB)
Supported OSMac OS X, Windows (64/32 bit), Linux (64/32 bit, not tested)
licenseMIT License
authorMikael Finstad
formatsMP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, H 264, Theora, VP 8, VP 9
* It is based on Chromium and uses HTML5 video player.
※ MPEG TS format is not supported

Installation method

LosslessCut does not come with an installer.
  1. Download files from the official website
  2. Unzip it with the archiver (compression decompression software)
  3. Place the decompressed file in your favorite folder
  4. end
Here's another article!
Compressed files distributed in. ZIP format like LosslessCut can be decompressed with the Windows standard ZIP folder function, but Lhaz which I regularly use can list the contents of the compressed file, Since there are functions such as selecting folders, it is convenient to use it in relation to .ZIP.
Compression decompression software Lhaz, Lhaplus, Explzh note: Scrap 2nd.
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